Here is an in-depth understanding of libido and the connection it has to great sex

Men love to last longer in bed: Of all the best things in the world, if men were to ask for one wish to be fulfilled, I feel the entire men in the humanity would ask for one thing and that is to last longer in bed! The ability to last longer in bed is one quality that ranks the top most when men score themselves against each other. Sometimes, the men just show up and they realize that their lady has still not reached an orgasm. When a man ejaculates too early on, it is medically called as premature ejaculation. It is not like the man does not want to go on and give the woman the best time of her life, but it is just not in his control and even when he has the sex drive, his penis just refuses to co operate. There are times like this that makes the man feel very anxious and this anxiety can in turn lead to lesser enjoyment in sex. It is a kind of vicious circle where one thing leads to the other.

The sex drive is dependent on a man’s libido

The libido in simpler terms is the other name for sex drive. It is primarily induced by the brain and is triggered by the secretions of the hormones in the body. When the brain sends the signal to the body of heightened libido, the body manifests itself by means of an erection. Libido is one amongst the foremost biological reasons why men and women have sexual drive.

A man with a higher libido will want and be capable of having sex many times in a day and a man with a low libido may want sex only once in a few days. Libido as such is dependent on four external stimulus. It means that the sex hormones in the body get triggered when the brain sends signal to the body as a response to such stimuli.

What are the external stimuli for heightened libido?

The sight

When a man watches pornography or when he sees the woman that he is interested in, his brain starts sending signals to his body and that heightens his libido, sex is highly dependent on visual stimulus. Thus people who watch a lot of blue content have higher amount of libido that people who do not watch such content.

The touch

Tactile stimulus is the response of touch which is capable of increasing the libido in the person especially touching the hyper sensitive areas such as the genitals or the breast around the nipples. This kind of stimulus is a definite turn on and the person can succumb to his sex drive very easily.

The ear:Sometimes, the auditory stimulus can also increase the sex drive or the libido in the person. This explains how men and women can get turned on by a sexy sweet voice or a baritone male voice.

The smell: titillating perfumes and soft body odors are always thought to be strong turn on and in turn they can lead the person to have an increase in his sex drive.

What is the reason for premature ejaculation: Premature ejaculation is the coming-on of the male even before his partner reaches orgasmic levels. Premature ejaculation can cause relationships to break as it can bring about a lot of resentment and build of frustration in both the partners. In most of the cases the early ejaculation is that the male is too excited and therefore he it causes him to ejaculate sooner than the women can reach ecstatic heights.

Some of the reasons for premature ejaculations are given below

Sexual fantasies are stronger: It is commonly seen where a man has heightened sexual drive and his fantasies are stronger. So, even as he starts penetrating, he ejaculates because of his excitement;

Societal taboos: In some cultures of the world, mingling of sexes or having pre marital sex is considered a taboo and thus when men start to have their urge they quickly ejaculate;

Masturbation: Men who masturbate are often found to ejaculate too quickly.

Anxiety: Men suffering from anxiety whether sexual or any other can also seem to ejaculate earlier than when warranted.

Fortunately, today, there are many ways that this condition can be treated. Sometimes, all that one needs to perform better in the bed is to shed all their fears and anxieties and enjoy the moment.

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